What Is MLS?

At Lifestyle Real Estate, it’s important to us that we ensure our clients and potential clients are educated about the most important aspects of real estate, home buying, home selling and the homeownership process.


In our series of educational videos, we address some of the most commonly asked questions, topics and information that homeowners and potential homeowners are looking for in the Guelph area.


This month, we’re discussing a question that people always ask us: What is MLS?


Multiple Listing Service

If you’ve ever visited a real estate website, you’ve likely come across the acronym MLS®. MLS® stands for Multiple Listing Service®, and is a tool used by Realtors® to expand the reach of your listing.


When your house is listed on MLS®, a network of other Realtors® is able to access it. This facilitates cooperation between multiple Realtors® and allows other Realtors® to sell your home to their clients.


Each MLS® listing will have:

  • Photos of the property
  • The asking price
  • Important characteristics and features of your home
  • The address
  • Walking score
  • Anything else that the homeowner and Realtor® have deemed to be noteworthy

Only Realtors® can post home listings on MLS®, so when you search for a home, you know you’re getting quality, reliable information checked by a real estate professional.


For people looking to buy a home, MLS® is an easy way to access dozens — or, in some cases, even hundreds — of home listings in your area. And it’s free to look at the listings.


Because of its reach, cooperation and ability to put your home in front of a larger audience, MLS® is the best exposure for your home.


If you have more questions about MLS® or anything else discussed in this article, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Lifestyle Real Estate in Guelph. With over 50 years of combined experience in the local real estate business, we have the knowledge and skills to help buy or sell your home.